Fly Bulgaria & Czech paragliding championship

With bad weather in the Alps a summer trip to Bulgaria was the ideal solution. In general, August is said to be the best time of the year for free flying in Bulgaria. The base camp was set in Sopot, which offers good possibilities for cross-country flying, amazing food including some of the best vegetables. During the three weeks spent in Bulgaria the weather was cooperating with many flyable days, even thought the flying conditions were rather hard, limiting the distances that could be flown. More info regarding flying in Sopot check the Skynomad website.

During the second week of my stay I took part in the Gradient Czech Open 2011 (Czech paragliding championship), which gave me new experience and ideas. Flying with so many pilots around you is just gorgeous! First three photos depict the flatlands around Sopot and the next two were taken during the championship above the Sopot takeoff.

At the end of August the North winds picked up and that was the ideal time to check out the Beklemeto Pass (also known as Troyan Pass, for more info check this Wiki page). Even lighter Northwinds enable good soarable conditions around a stunning monument. This afternoon was unforgettable and was a nice “icing on the cake” after three weeks spent in Bulgaria.

As the weather forecast was not positive for the upcoming days a hitchhiking journey back to Czech Republic began the next morning. This 36 hour nonstop journey was very exhausting with more than 1400km covered. Crossing Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and Slovakia on the way required around 6 different cars and a lot of patience.