Setting a World Record in Turkey

During June I joined forces with Veso and Petar to visit Cappadocia in Turkey. We visioned to try and set a World Record in synchronized infinity tumbling inside a triple formation.

The landscape that Cappadocia offers is so stunning that from the very first moment we knew we want to film it there. Secondly, thanks to one of the biggest hot-air balloon operations in the world we had a possibility to use the balloon as a takeoff platform – to get high enough for the record and takeoff in the air flying at the same time.

Cappadocia sees everyday hundreds of balloons flying around bizarre lime stone obstacles with sunrise hitting the rocks making a colorful show. Having thousands of tourists in the air watching us from their baskets gave us a possibility to present the record live to big audience for the first in the history of the sport. Check out the Youtube story-movie clip bellow as well as the action clip on RB facebook. The story write up is available here.