Landkiting near Dresden

Location: Kreischa, Germany
Time frame: 1 day in May 2010

The nature around Dresden is pretty nice and one can find some easy spots for kiting or paragliding. To keep my body in movement during weeks spent in the office I explored some places around and in Dresden. It is possible to kite directly in Dresden around the River Elbe that flows through the city center. Unfortunately I had just a few kiting sessions that were pleasant and the rest was a pain as the wind is far from being laminar. I tried various spots near the river side depending on the wind direction and some were kiteable. Going to these spots by bike after work was entertaining to say the least.

For my weekend trips I explored spots in the surrounds of Dresden (in a perimeter of 20-30 kilometers). Thanks to the help of my host, flatmate, Dresden citizen and a great guy Falk I got to know a hill called Quohrener Kipse above Kreischa about 25km from Dresden. This place is perfect for northern winds (NW, NNW, N, NNE, NE). Once it gets too W it is not that ideal, but it is still possible to fly around. The spot is also ideal for some basic paragliding. Ideal to learn groundhandling, elementary easy flights and some soaring in higher winds.

This time I had my kites with me and enjoyed a nice session on my Ozone Manta M3 15m2 in pretty mild winds of around 4-5-6 m/s (3-4 Beaufort).

Enjoy the pics, peace for all…